391 - Ferrari Challenge


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Hãng Phát Hành      : Activision

Thể Loại                   : Racing

ESRB Rating             : EveryOne

Số Người Chơi                 : 1 Người 

Nội Dung Game:

The Ferrari Challenge was conceived in 1993 as a way to let enthusiastic Ferrari owners stretch their cars' legs in ways they just couldn't between traffic lights. Trouble was, unless you had a Ferrari in your garage, you couldn't play...until now. Now you can drive the world's most amazing machines on real-life courses as you choose from Ferrari's top models, ranging from modern marvels to unrivaled classics. European GP2 series driver Bruno Senna drove each car and made sure its exact performance made the game. The Wii's controls, including the Wii Wheel (if you have one), give an even better taste of what it's like to get your hands on a Ferrari's gearbox.

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